Grid Game

The world is nothing more than a 2D grid. But don’t be deceived. It hosts a turn-based game of strategy and allegiance with hundreds of other players. The complexities of Grid Game run deep. The alliances you make here – won through tough negotiation and complex strategic decisions – will form strong bonds.

Your goal – build reserves of in-game resources and claim a Founder Avatar.



The World Expands

You’re no longer playing on a simple grid – it turns into a map of the world, containing new geographical and man made features. Gameplay evolves and the Safe Zone is created.

Your goal – increase your resources, claim land and form increasingly stronger alliances.


Launching 2024

Characters Evolve

Your Avatar now becomes the foundation of a complex character that you can build out for yourself. Earn XP and unlock skills. Ultra-rapid progression to max-level, balanced by perma-death.

Your goal – become the most powerful player on the map, and get ready to take on the PvE missions.


Launching 2024

The Story Comes Alive

Enter into the world, moving from the map into a 3D view. How did The Fall of humanity come about? Who are The Undead? And how do BeyondHuman fit into it? That’s for you to discover, and everyone’s path will be different.

Your goal – uncover the truth behind the downfall of humanity and the rise of the clones.

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