BeyondHuman. Text and map, PvP strategy game, evolving into an MMORPG. Play as a survivor in a near-future dystopia competing for resources.
Features: All players on one map, no sharding. Tough game theory mechanics. Fixed game currency creating scarcity. Base building in shared social areas.
How to play: Requires a game license. Only 1000 exist in Founder Avatar form - this first collection provides a lifetime subscription to the game + other utility and benefits. Future Avatar collections will be available.
Project status: Core game live and in open development - Founder Avatar mint complete - 70 weeks played, over 1500 registered players, 36% of currency issued. Land Sale live. Player-owned AI NPCs integrated. Token generation event incoming.
Digital collections: Players can withdraw avatars from the game's ecosystem as web3 tokens to transfer or sell. Currency withdrawal coming soon. Optional mechanic.