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  • • 40% of currency issued •
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  • • 40% of currency issued •
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Hello, world!

As Arcade Metrics gathers momentum it seemed appropriate to extend our communications to blogging.

Twitter is a great platform for firing our news straight into the heart of conversation online. We love the platform! After all, it’s what Arcade Metrics is built on. However 280 characters can only get you so far, and as much as we love tweets threads, it made sense to use a more classic format to share longer-form content with our community.

Who’s it for?

Essentially anyone who would appreciate the awesome benefits of Arcade Metrics. So if you’re into social media, data analytics, digital marketing, growth hacking, the start-up space, SaaS development or content creation – there will be something of interest for you here.

What’s in store?

Two types of content. Obviously, we will want to keep our community up to date with the latest Arcade Metrics news and updates, but we’ll also feature industry commentary, marketing insight, analytics guides and industry profile pieces.

We believe in celebrating the incredible sector that Arcade Metrics sits within, namely third-party social media products. There are numerous platforms, apps and tools out there and an even larger number of passionate experts who are imagining, building and rolling out these products. We’ll be shining a spotlight on them!

Keeping in touch

We’ll always share new posts on social media, so follow us on Twitter to ensure you see when new content has gone live. You can also subscribe to the newsletter, which will ensure our piping hot content is delivered straight to your inbox as soon as it goes live.

Got feedback? We love that! Send us your comments or nominate a person or organisation for one of our industry spotlight pieces. You can see the various ways to reach us here.

Thanks for reading!

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