Partnerships with web3 gaming projects

An overview of how we work with our partners.

Why should a project partner with BeyondHuman?

We have a small but discerning community which consists of passionate strategy gamers. The game currency is only available by playing, so everyone in our community can be regarded as a genuine gamer, not a web3 speculator.

We have a sophisticated tech stack which automates and amplifies our community engagement. This makes our activations efficient and whilst generating genuine impact. 

How do we choose our partners?

Our position is “less is more”. Rather than lock in as many collaborations as we can, we prefer to work with a smaller number of projects, who have a strong alignment with BeyondHuman. This approach delivers more authentic and meaningful activations. As such, we will only partner with a maximum of 5 projects at a time.

How long would a partnership last?

We like to enter into agreements of a one month timeframe. This gives both sides time to fully onboard each other and deliver good quality output. If all parties see value in extending the relationship, we discuss that at the appropriate time.

What we can offer:

  • Discord Channel – a dedicated channel in the Partner category on Discord through which we follow your announcement channel and post other news and content.
  • Recruitment – we will suggest our community give your game a try and ask that they then feedback to our community what they found. 
  • Advertise – place marketing content or messaging within our game platform, viewable to players of Grid Game (coming soon)
  • X support – we will engage with your Twitter account from our team accounts.
  • X Bounties – We would select tweets from your Twitter account to feature in our community bounty programme, generating high-level organic engagement from genuine gamers.
  • Podcast Q&As – join the co-founders on one of their regular community shows where they host a feature on your project involving a question and answer session (pre supplied) to learn more about your project.
  • Website presence – we would include your logo and link to your website in a dedicated partner section on our website homepage.
  • Newsletter – feature in our newsletter to our community.

Where can you find out more?

  • Browse the main website.
  • Connect to the portal and play Grid Game or browse the shop.
  • Read the wiki for full project detail.
  • Join the community on Discord and X.

Who can you contact?

Please reach out to founder Henry Clay.

  • X: @HenryClay
  • Discord: henry.clay
  • Email: