Opportunities for Web3 Gaming Guilds

A breakdown of what BeyondHuman offers web3 gaming guilds.

Why should a Guild get involved?

To access BeyondHuman a player only needs to hold one Avatar NFT. You log in with a Discord account and it only takes 20 seconds a day to play. So the outlay of resources (time/money/data) is small.

For that small outlay, there is a massive potential to collection a large amount of in game items.

The game currency, $COGS, is currently being issued at a very high rate, and only to Grid Game players. As the project progresses the issuance drops, increasing scarcity and value over time. So the greatest opportunity to build a powerful character profile with a large amount of in-game resources is now.

Other reasons:

  • Referral payouts – use a referral link and earn $COGS by bringing in players.
  • New recruits – our passionate community may be interested in joining your guild.
  • Fully inclusive – mobile optimised so guild members can play on the move.
  • Team building – the trust and communication needed for Grid Game builds strong teams.

What we can offer:

  • Discord Channel – a dedicated channel on our Discord server which you can use to post news and content to our community. Make it open or only accessible to members of your guild.
  • Advertise – place marketing content or messaging within our game platform, viewable to players of Grid Game (coming soon)
  • Recruitment – we will suggest our community review your guild and direct them to your website and social/community channels. 
  • X support – we will engage with your Twitter account from our team accounts.
  • X Bounties – We would select tweets from your Twitter account to feature in our community bounty programme, generating high-level organic engagement from genuine gamers.
  • Podcast Q&As – join the co-founders on one of their regular community shows where they host a feature on your guild involving a question and answer session (pre supplied) to learn more about your guild.
  • Website presence – we would include your logo and link to your website in a dedicated partner section on our website homepage.
  • Newsletter – feature your guild in our newsletter to our community.

Where can you find out more?

  • Browse the main website.
  • Connect to the portal and play Grid Game or browse the shop.
  • Read the wiki for full project detail.
  • Join the community on Discord and X.

Who can you contact?

Please reach out to founder Henry Clay.

  • X: @HenryClay
  • Discord: henry.clay
  • Email: henry@blockinfluence.com